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Free Download | Gung Ho

26 Feb 2013


Post-Punk Aussie’s, Gung Ho have just released their debut EP, Anywhere Else. To celebrate, we’re featuring them and their infectious new single, Strangers on the Emerging Chart now. Head to wearehunted.com for the free download!

New Music | Crystal Fighters ‘Separator’

25 Feb 2013


We’re big fans of Crystal Fighters, who’ve recently announced a May 27th release date for their new album Cave Rave!

Listen to the new track, Separator and add it to your playlist!

Plus they also just put up tour dates for 2013 - be sure to check if they’re heading your way!

WIN FREE STUFF | School Of Seven Bells

5 Apr 2012

We have 8 copies of School Of Seven Bells new record ‘Ghostory’ to giveaway FREEEEEEEE.

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Otherwise check out their single 'The Night', taken from the new album.

Free Download | Doe Paoro

23 Mar 2012

'Born Whole' is one of the first singles from Brooklyn soul-singer Doe Paoro. Powerful vocals, minimal beats and light piano keys shine through on this one, with the young vocalist reminding us that great music is not always the most complicated.

Download the hauntingly beautiful ‘Born Whole’ over at our charts now.

Watch | The World Is Ours (Teaser)

22 Mar 2012

Catcall has a new music video/single about to droooooooop! Watch the enigmatic teaser.

New Music | Beach House ‘Lazuli’

20 Mar 2012

First with Myth, now Beach House are back with a second single from their upcoming album Bloom (out on Sub Pop May 15). Take a listen to 'Lazuli' over at the number one spot on our charts.

#1 Today | Frank Ocean

19 Mar 2012

Frank Ocean’s calming new one, 'White' has hit the charts at #1 today. As mentioned across the web by The FADER, Pitchfork, pedestrian.tv, Consequence of Sound & many more…


Add ‘White’ by Frank Ocean to your playlist.

Our Pick | Big Scary

16 Mar 2012


With Tom Iansek of Big Scary.

A long way from their living room days in Melbourne, Big Scary are playing SXSW and a swag of other shows on their first tour of the US. We caught up with Tom Iansek as he talks touring, being an independent artist, and what they’ve been up to since the Australian release of their debut, Vacation.

It’s your first time at SXSW - what are you most looking forward to?

I guess we’re most looking forward to something new. We’ve toured a bit around Australia and you kind of get to know the same venues, the same hotels and bump into the same people. It’s just going to be cool to go somewhere new … I’ve never even been to the states before.

Are there other bands that you’re hoping to see?

There’s such a long list … I know Jo has been going nuts for The War On Drugs, so we’re really keen to see them.

Is this your first official North American tour?

Yeah - this is our first overseas tour! It’s been interesting watching it all come together, as a few weeks ago we only had a couple of shows planned for SXSW and CMW … Now there’s a few more at both as well as some new shows planned in LA and NY. We can’t wait!

What are your expectations for those shows - have you had much exposure over there?

Not really … I mean we’ve had a few songs on TV shows and a couple of shows featured on ads, but it’s hard to gauge how much of that actually gets through to listeners. I’d probably be expecting that no one has an idea of who we are - but that’s cool. It’s all part of the fun, you know … and we enjoy winning new audiences over.

Will you get a chance to be a tourist while you’re over there or will you guys be too busy?

I think we’ve got about 15 shows in 20 days, so we’ll have a few to look around. I’d love to see as much as we can. I love travelling, but the last time I got to do that was in 2006 … I really miss it. I usually prefer to figure out what the locals do and do that rather than see the tourist sites … I enjoy that side of travel most.

What are the plans for the US release of Vacation?

Yeah we’re hoping to get that released there pretty soon - it’s definitely on the cards. We want to do it right so we’re not going to rush it though.

The best thing to come from being independent is that it allows you to take your time, grow at your own pace, and make mistakes.

In Australia you’ve preferred to stay independent rather than sign with any major labels - in your own experience what have been the pro’s and cons of this?

A lot of it depends on the label and the bands circumstances. We were pretty fortunate being a two piece … it didn’t cost as much to record and get around, and in that way it was easier for us to fund our own recording ventures. The best thing to come from being independent is that it allows you to take your time, grow at your own pace, and make mistakes. We’ve done stuff that we could have done better, but they’re all things we needed to learn and grow from, and I think the label path can be a little different to that. I mean a lot of stuff they do can work really well a lot of the time, but they seem to have it down to a bit of a formula, and when you apply a formula to art it doesn’t always work out. Being independent gives you the ability to go with the flow a bit more.

When I first heard you guys, vocally I had comparisons to Jeff Buckley stuck in my head - do you get that a lot, and was he much of an influence on you growing up?

Yeah, it’s an interesting little comparison that some people make. There have only been a few albums that have kind of been real moments for me musically … and Grace certainly was one. I think I was listening to that when I first took up singing lessons but there was never any intention at all to sound like him.

Leaving Home is the next single to come from Vacation - can you tell us a bit about that song in particular, the meaning behind it and what inspired you to write it?

Funnily enough it’s about travel. It’s the oldest song on the album and I wrote it before I went travelling back in 06. I kind of wrote it about leaving a girlfriend behind that I’d fallen in love with and a lot of those feelings happening for the first time. It was just an acoustic song originally but it always had a kind of energy to it, and we really wanted to keep that. We didn’t do too much to it structurally, just added drums, filled out the sound a little more, and it’s been reborn.

The clip for that one was released today, filmed in one continuous shot - can you tell us about the making of that?

We only filmed that one a few weeks ago, so that was a quick turnaround … I guess that’s the beauty of a one shot clip! It was actually pretty frantic to make. Watching the clip it’s in slow motion, but to get it that slow we had to play it at double the speed. The song went for half the time it would normally, and we had all these stations set up that we had to sprint to and pretend like it was all cool. It was a bit of a work out to do, but heaps of fun to shoot and a good team to be a part of.

Vacation has been out in Australia now for about 6 months or so, have you started writing or recording the follow up?

We have actually … We start recording next week! After the album was released late last year I had a bit of time between touring and I started writing back then. We’ve got some stuff that’s a little bit different but I think it’s a good direction for us. We’re going to record that and then we’re touring for the next month or so in the states … It’s going to be pretty hectic!


Download ‘This Weight’ by Big Scary over at our charts now.
See them live at SXSW 12am @ Beale Street Tavern, March 16

Free Download | Cloud Nothings

14 Mar 2012

Catch another one of our favourite bands, Cloud Nothings - playing this Thursday at the Carpark / Paw Tracks showcase for SXSW Festival. In the meantime, get your mits on a free download of ‘Stay Useless’ over at our emerging chart.


Download Stay Useless by Cloud Nothings
Stay up late to see Cloud Nothings live, 1am @ 512 Rooftop March 15

Free Download | Tennis

13 Mar 2012

Performing this week at SXSW, Tennis are another one of our Must See Artists. Catch them at the Club De Ville, March 15. If you can’t wait that long … head to our charts now and grab the free download of their track 'Origins'.


Download Origins by Tennis
See them live at the Club De Ville, March 15